Lightning Network Faucet


The Lightning Network Faucet will open a payment channel with the specified node. The node can then either use the channel to facilitate payments, or close the channel which will immediately credit the node on-chain.

1044.17 DCR are available for channel creation. Maximum channel size is 10 DCR.

Pending Channels

Faucet has no pending channels

Active Channels 2

ChanID: 320046944125124608
RemotePubkey: 038fde001dbe4d6286ab168cfd1e9711ad0cbb8fc4e3c2312f2b42063b72af8e71
Capacity: 1000000000
LocalBalance: 557569885
RemoteBalance: 442426110
UnsettledBalance: 0
TotalAtomsSent: 6431003
TotalAtomsReceived: 64000889
ChanID: 598112335277785088
RemotePubkey: 03d144f7f011fead4642d2f170a0575d3c3bfe4e86889915f013cb520db01ca48d
Capacity: 1073739313
LocalBalance: 0
RemoteBalance: 1073735309
UnsettledBalance: 0
TotalAtomsSent: 0
TotalAtomsReceived: 0